‚ÄčLimTek SuperTruss

Raise the Bar

Stay on Top

SuperTruss sets you apart from the crowd and creates a brand name for your trusses.

Everyone shops price and all trusses look alike.

Odds are you are using the same engineering package and the same connector plates.

But you are the only manufacturer that can deliver the SuperTruss.

What is a SuperTruss?  It is a truss that is designed not to minimum standards but to a higher standard.  Why would you buy a "cheap truss".  Pay just a little bit more and get the  SuperTruss for peace of mind.  "Of course I want the SuperTruss in my roof."

SuperTruss protection built in during construction and beyond.

That is why you have a third party audited quality control system in place.  That is why all your trusses get reviewed by a Professional Engineer.  That is why you will be certified to supply SuperTruss to mid-rise construction projects.  That is why you will have passive fire mitigation protection built into your SuperTruss.

Brand your Trusses

A powerful brand name to project the quality and extras you build into your trusses and why you are the recognized premium supplier for Mid-Rise Wood Frame Construction.